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Erbede - erbede

creative  hands

“every handwork has a soul”

Ray Dharma

creative hands

creative hands


We are erbede, a small company that we built on the island of Gods – Bali. Released in early 2019 and we are proud to have collaborated with several five star resorts and several exclusive galleries on the island.


Begining of 2020 we decided to moved our operational to Talinn-Estonia. Our goal is to enter European market and we gladly started with Estonia- the best country in the world for digital life.


Almost all of our works are handmade. We really appreciate a work that is closely related to human energy. Works made by human hands will produce valuable work, both visually and emotionally. Each of our works has a meaning and a story that we can convey through every single of it.

creative hands


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Raymond Budi Dharma, or who is often called Ray is a young man born in Jakarta-Indonesia. Born from a mixture of blood from Javanese and Sundanese tribes, then growing up in the two environments of origin of his parents gave him the opportunity to get to know more about how much diversity there is.

Graduating from agricultural school, he decided to move and live his life in Bali. An alluring island with a million charms, an island where the “paradise in the world” is real, and of course this island is also full of individuals who are creative in various ways.

On this island too, he met several talented artists and designers from various countries. He also grew up surrounded by talented designers which they are : american, australian, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Indonesian and Japanese.

Ten years working and building careers with several big names, he decided to build his own work. Where his creativity, his ideas, his point of view will be fully devoted to every work he makes.

creative hands

creative hands


creative hands


creative hands


creative hands


creative hands



erbede OÜ

Jahu 14 Tallinn




+372  53225996